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How to Prep Your Vacation Home for Summer

How to Prep Your Vacation Home for Summer

As we head into the summer season, now’s the perfect time to think about areas of your vacation home that may need a little tidying.

Have a summer vacation home in Palm Beach County? We’re here to help! Keep reading for tips to get your vacation home in top shape for summer fun.

1. Consider investing in a property manager.

If you plan to rent out your vacation home during the summer months, consider investing in a property manager to care for your home. Property managers are great resources for helping your seasonal guests check in and out of your vacation home, addressing any minor repairs and ensuring that your property is cared for and monitored year-round.

2. Keep a maintenance emergencies contact list.

Broken pipes, leaky roofs and clogged drains seem to happen at the most inopportune times. To make these mishaps a little less stressful, complete and keep a maintenance emergency contact list of contractors that you can call on when you need help in your Palm Beach vacation home.

3. Replace key vacation household items twice-yearly.

Tired of returning to your Palm Beach vacation home, only to be greeted by a burnt-out lightbulbs or dead batteries in your fire alarm? Your seasonal guests likely are, too! To prevent this, make a point to replace your key household items when you visit your vacation home.

4. Establish concierge services for your seasonal guests.

Like a maintenance emergencies list, make a point to keep a fun list of activities and shopping areas for your seasonal vacation home guests to reference. In a community like Palm Beach County, the sky’s the limit when it comes to exciting summer activities to explore and participate in!

5. Call on Luxury Maids for summer vacation home cleanings.

When it’s time to welcome your family or new summer guests into your Palm Beach vacation home, remember to hire a professional housekeeping service to come in and tidy up your home for the season. Professional maids will do a great job at refreshing your linens, cleaning all surfaces, ensuring that your floors are spotless and more.

At Luxury Maids, our goal is to make your life easier by creating a personal housekeeping plan directly tailored to your home’s needs. Our team of trusted, skilled, and reliable residential housekeepers has been offering our best to Palm Beach County since 2007. Call us today for a free estimate and to see how Luxury Maids can contribute to the cleanliness of your home.