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3 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Household Cleaning

3 Ways to Use Essential Oils for Household Cleaning

Now more than ever, essential oils and aromatherapy are all the rage. Essential oils may smell great, but did you know that you can also use essential oils for cleaning your home? Keep reading to learn more about the top three essential oils you can use for household cleaning!

Lemon Essential Oils

Not only does lemon oil smell amazing, but it also packs a punch in the cleaning department! Use this naturally antibacterial oil in its diluted form to de-grease tough areas in your kitchen like sinks, stovetops and oven racks.

Rosemary Oil Essential Oils

There’s nothing like the smell of fresh rosemary, so why not incorporate it into your household cleaning routine? Look to rosemary as an antiseptic essential oil that can be diluted into a spray bottle and used as an all-natural home freshening spray!

Peppermint Oil Essential Oils

Like rosemary oil, peppermint has so many great antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Look to peppermint as a natural air freshener that can be used to brighten and refresh any room in your home.

Thyme Oil Essential Oils

Thyme oil is so effective that it’s even been proven to kill salmonella – how great is that? Use thyme oil to help clean kitchen surfaces and cutting boards that may come into contact with raw meat after cooking dinner.

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