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Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus Update

Luxury Maids efforts to prevent the transmission of the virus and other contaminates.

Luxury Maids wants every customer to enjoy a clean home and a safe home. 

In 2013 Luxury Maids implemented standard operating procedures and cleaning methods to protect the health of our employees and reduce the risks of transmitting viruses from home to home. 

The Luxury Maids standard operating procedures (SOPs) designed to protect the health of our employees and reduce the risks of transmitting viruses include:

1.       Only freshly laundered towels are taken into a client’s home

2.       Only freshly laundered mop heads are taken into a client’s home

3.       Freshly laundered towels, mop heads, and other cleaning supplies are strictly segregated from used supplies at all times

4.       Used cleaning supplies are removed from every vehicle at the end of each day

As of 1:00 pm on Thursday, March 5th, Florida has 4 reported cases of the Coronavirus, all located in the Tampa Bay area.  Even though no cases have been reported in southeast Florida, Luxury Maids is taking additional measures to protect the health of our employees and your home.  The additional measures include:

1.       Employees who do not feel 100% healthy are instructed to stay home, with pay

2.       We have confirmed that no employees have traveled internationally since January 1, 2020.

3.       All cleaning teams will wear fresh shoe covers into each home

4.       After completing each home, all tools will be sanitized using a hospital-grade disinfectant before the tools are placed into their vehicle,

a.       Vacuum cleaners

b.      Mop buckets

c.       Mop handles

d.      Cleaning products and totes

5.       All cleaning staff will wear fresh gloves at each home

6.       We are requesting clients to notify us of recent travel to regions of sustained transmission of the Coronavirus

a.       Should we encounter this situation, the additional measure will be taken

Luxury Maids believes a clean home is a healthy home.  Recently, some clients are requesting their homes to be cleaned more frequently until they are confident this crisis has passed.  We are doing our best to accommodate all requests for additional services.  If you are interested in scheduling additional services, we request you call at your earlier opportunity as our schedule is filling up.

If you should have questions or concerns, please feel free to call us at 561-746-9118. 

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