Cleaning Areas of the Home You Should Never Ignore

Oct 20, 2023 | Luxury Maids

When cleaning your own home, it’s easy to overlook areas that can quickly become a smelly (or hazardous!) issue. At Luxury Maids we pride ourselves on cleaning your home from top to bottom. This means paying special attention to certain areas of the home that may not receive regular attention.

Keep reading for the areas of your home that should never be ignored while cleaning!

Garbage disposals can harbor smells and bacteria

Think about it: we put a lot of things down the garbage disposal, including old food. The next time you put expired items down the drain, remember to wipe down the sink after. This will help cut down on residual food being left behind that can quickly cause odors. Pro top: if your garbage disposal smells, put half of a lemon through the disposal. The citrus will cut through any odors and clean the drain!

Laundry hampers can get damp – and fast

It’s easy to toss clothes that are damp from rain, sweat or other liquids into the laundry hamper. Unfortunately, damp clothes sitting for too long can begin to sour and cause odor. Make a point to toss any damp garments straight into the washer – rather than the hamper – to ensure that your laundry room remains odor-free.

Washers are prone to moisture and mold

Any household appliance that regularly comes into contact with water can fall victim to harmful mildew and mold. We recommend combatting this by leaving your washer’s detergent and front door open from time to time when not in use to air them out. If you still happen to find mold, running the washer without a load of clothing with a solution of water and vinegar should do the trick.

Invest in a top-to-bottom house cleaning this summer. Luxury Maids is here to help!

Keeping your home healthy requires regular cleaning! Luxury Maids is here to make your life easier with our premier cleaning services. So, if you are looking for cleaning from daily to a special occasion, contact us for a custom estimate.