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5 Tips for a Cleaner Kids Room

5 Tips for a Cleaner Kids Room

Busy parents: this one’s for you! At Luxury Maids, we understand the importance of a cleaner home and we’re here to help out year-round. We also know how messy a child’s room can get – and fast!

Ready to clean up your kid’s room in less than 30 minutes? Here are our top 5 tips for cleaning in a pinch!

Invest in toy containers.

Organizing is the first step to a cleaner room. Invest in a few affordable storage containers and label them for blocks, soft toys, board games and more. Encouraging kids to sort and store their toys in these containers makes for a quick daily room cleaning.

Make the bed.

We firmly believe that simply making the bed is the first step to a fresh, clean home! Tidy the sheets and make the beds – or better yet, ask kids to help out!

Gather items that don’t belong.

Sometimes items that don’t even belong in kid’s rooms end up in them. Designate a “pick-up box” where all rogue items will be stored when cleaning, to be placed back in their normal spot later. It’s amazing how much this speeds up the cleaning process.

Toss out old papers, trash and supplies.

Sometimes kids like to hold on to items that they simply don’t need any more. Keep an eye out for old papers, broken crayons, old toys and more and toss these out so they can be replaced in the future.

Put dirty clothing in a hamper.

Last but not least, making sure that laundry is taken care of before finishing cleaning is key. Dropping dirty socks, shirts and pants into a hamper and throwing them in the wash when you’re done will save time.

Don’t have time to do a deep cleaning of your kid’s rooms this spring? We’re here to help. At Luxury Maids, we are dedicated to providing exceptional residential cleaning services to each and every one of our clients. There is a reason we have the reputation as the best maid service in West Palm Beach! Contact us today for a free estimate to see how clean your home can truly become.