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5 Things You Should be Steam Cleaning

5 Things You Should be Steam Cleaning

It’s no secret that pillows, linens, and cushions can get musty after multiple uses, and when it comes to bulky items, it’s common that people are at a loss for how to clean these items. More often than not, people result to just pitching them. But who wants to part with their favorite pillow that has a lot of life left? That’s why we find that steaming these items can actually be a saving grace for many of  your favorite household pieces! Here are some of our favorite items to refresh in your home with a simple steam cleaning:

Area Rugs

Rugs can be so large and bulky, and most of them generally don’t fit in the washing machine. Taking your handheld steamer or iron steamer on a high temperature can quickly pull out musty odors and debris.


Some sofas and chairs don’t have removable covers which can be a huge pain if your kids left a spil and you are desperate to get the odors out. Adjust your iron’s temperature according to fabric, hold about six inches away, and do a few gentle passes to give your cloth furniture a refresh. 

Dinner Linens

Many of us have specific dinner linens we use for event or holiday meals. Considering giving these a fresh steam and iron before using them to get out the storage stench and impress your guests.


Sometimes new things look a little too new and look better when they are broken in. New drapes are no exception. In case you are in a crunch last minute before a family event, and don’t want creased drapes up, steaming is an easy solution for this! We recommend doing this every few weeks to keep them fresh and odor free.  

Pet Beds

After a bit of time, pet beds can get pretty funky, and sometimes the odor can actually travel. There is nothing worse than having guests over and only being able to smell pet odors. Putting your steamer on high will kill the bacteria that your pet’s beds have accumulated and will keep that natural pet funk to a minimum. 

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