5 Smart Ways to Clean With Baking Soda

Oct 20, 2023 | Luxury Maids

We all likely have baking soda in the pantry – so why not put it to use for some cleaning? Although you may be used to using baking soda to lift stains (or even brush your teeth!), it helps clean in so many other ways.

Ready to put this household ingredient to work? Keep reading for 5 smart ways to clean with baking soda!

Tidy up pet beds

We love our pets, but the odors they can cause? Not so much. Freshen up pet beds by sprinkling baking soda onto the bed, leave for 10 minutes and then vacuum. The beds will instantly smell fresher, and your family and pet will thank you later!

Remove grime from surfaces

Certain household surfaces – especially those in the kitchen! – can get grimy quickly. Gently scrub down surfaces with a mixture of baking soda and water for an instant shine. Plus, your surfaces won’t get damaged in the process.

Bring old sponges back to life

We’re all for tossing out old kitchen sponges, but sometimes new sponges can get dirty too quickly. Look to baking soda to bring them back to life! Simply soak dirty kitchen sponges in baking soda for 10-15 minutes and put them back to work after.

Wipe down dirty walls

Walls can get dirty at home, especially if little hands and paws are involved! Luckily, baking soda is safe to use on most surfaces – including walls. Grab a sponge and a baking soda-water solution and wipe them down for instantly cleaner walls.

Scrub down a dirty grill

It’s summertime, so you’ve more than likely used your grill recently. Get rid of stubborn charcoal and residue buildup by scrubbing gown the grill’s top with baking soda and water. Your next cookout will be that much more enjoyable!

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