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5 End-of-Summer Cleaning Tasks to Tackle

5 End-of-Summer Cleaning Tasks to Tackle

The end of summer represents a time of winding down, renewing and rest, making it the perfect time to invite some brighter energy into your home!

Hiring a professional cleaning company to come in and give your space the deep clean it’s been waiting for all season is a perfect starting place. Leave it to the experts to implement their tips and tricks to make your home feel new again.

1. Dust throughout your home.

An end-of-summer cleaning requires a level of effort that goes well beyond the day-to-day dusting of your furniture. Luxury Maids will start from the ceiling and work their way down, dusting whatever surfaces they come across on the way.

2. Pay extra attention to windows.

The windows in your home can become overlooked throughout the year. This time of year is a reminder to let the sun in by cleaning window panes, wiping down sills and dusting curtains. The Luxury Maids team will know all the best ways to clean anything that is preventing the light from coming into your space.

3. Tidy up and refresh bedrooms.

The bedroom in your home has lots of places to hide and hold on to germs and dust.  A professional cleaning company will make the rest of your room as much of a priority by flipping mattresses, changing pillow cases, cleaning underneath beds and getting into the nooks and crannies of your closets.

4. Refresh living areas.

The main living spaces in your home are another often overlooked when it comes to deep cleaning. Luxury Maids will think of the things you haven’t, wiping down remotes, vacuuming under sofas, and fluffing the dust from throw pillows.  Doing this at least once a year will not only make the space feel clearer, but will add to the life of your furnishings too.

5. Organize bathrooms.

The bathroom in your home can quickly become a cluttered mess as hygiene products are shoved haphazardly into available storage during the summer. Luxury Maids will make sure your bathroom gets the true clean that it deserves by cleaning out cabinets, washing shower curtains and more that may have been forgotten about.

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