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5 Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Help Save Time

5 Bathroom Cleaning Tips to Help Save Time

During a busy week, cleaning your bathroom may fall to the wayside – we understand! Instead of letting your bathroom go dirty for another week, we’re sharing 5 bathroom cleaning tips to help you save time.

1. Clean toilets easily with white vinegar.

Tired of cleaning toilets only to be met with a new ring of scum week after week? Add a little bit of white vinegar the next time you clean and be amazing! The acidity of white vinegar is perfect for removing bacteria, mold and scum.

2. Don’t overlook toothbrush holders!

Toothbrush holders are a haven for harmful bacteria. Be sure to pick them up while you wipe down bathroom countertops and toss them in the dishwasher for a deep cleaning.

3. Wipe down mirrors.

No one enjoys staring into a mirror that’s streaked with water stains and fingerprints. Use windex or a gentle cleaning solution to remove streaks on a weekly basis – you’ll thank yourself for it later!

4. Banish shower scum.

Tired of that pink scum that seems to show up in your shower overnight? Make a half-vinegar, half-dish soap solution and get to scrubbing with a sponge to remove scum and keep it at bay for weeks to come.

5. Toss bath mats in the wash.

Did you know that bath mats can hold mildew and other troublesome mold? Make a point to toss mats in the wash regularly to ensure that they stay fresh and clean week after week.

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