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3 Ways to Use Salt for Cleaning

3 Ways to Use Salt for Cleaning

At Luxury Maids, we’re all about giving your kitchen an expert cleaning. After all – it’s where you spend a lot of time, and germs can build up in a kitchen quickly!

The next time you’re in-between house cleanings, look to your spice rack and grab the salt as a quick ingredient to clean with. Don’t believe us? Keep reading for 3 easy ways to use salt for cleaning!

Clean cutting boards with salt.

Cutting boards are notorious for harboring harmful bacteria, especially if they’re made of wood. Instead of traditional cleansers, grab a handful of salt and rub it directly onto the surface of cutting boards with warm water and a cloth.

Clear up kitchen drains with salt.

If something smells funky in your kitchen, it could likely be the result of a clogged kitchen drain or residue stuck in your sink. To keep your kitchen drain clear of debris and odor, pour a half cup of salt mixed with boiling water down sink drains regularly. This will keep them clear and sparkling!

Remove stubborn coffee stains.

We’ve all had a favorite white coffee mug become stained and brown over time. Gently remove stains without destroying a mug’s enamel by rubbing a bit of salt with warm water over coffee mug stains. You’ll be surprised at how great your mugs will look after!

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