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3 Steps to Decluttering Your Kitchen

3 Steps to Decluttering Your Kitchen

Summer is the perfect time for hosting friends and family for gatherings, and a clean kitchen is the first step of a great dinner party. Tired of your kitchen feeling cramped and cluttered? We understand.

Keeping reading for Luxury Maids’ 3 quick steps for decluttering your kitchen!

Figure out what you actually have in your kitchen.

This sounds simple enough, but when is the last time you took inventory of your kitchen goods? Pull out all of your appliances, spices, pantry goods and determine what you actually need. Toss out anything that’s expired or hasn’t been used in over a year.

Put items away in convenient places.

Kitchens can become disorganized – and fast. Once items are pulled out, make a point to put them back where they belong and put an organizational system in place to keep them that way.

Make recycling easy and accessible.

Recycling and sorting kitchen garbage is important, so make it easy for guests to determine which bin they should place used items in. Put clearly labeled trash and recycling bins in a visible place in your kitchen for easy use.

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