3 Quick Tips for Cleaning in a Pinch

Oct 20, 2023 | Luxury Maids

We know that summer is a busy time for families and cleaning can fall to the wayside. Even if you only have 15 minutes to spare, there is still a way to tidy up your home.

Keep reading for 3 quick tips for cleaning up your house – in a pinch!

Create a nightly cleaning ritual

We know – you’re tired at night and just want to go to bed. But making a commitment to cleaning a few areas of your home before you go to bed will make for a much happier morning!

We recommend wiping down kitchen counters, cleaning out any extra dishes from the sink and putting away any stray living room items at the end of each day. You’ll be surprised at how much cleaner your home feels at the start of the new day.

Clean out your fridge when you take out the garbage

We’re all guilty of letting food spoil from time to time. The next time you take out the trash, take inventory of your fridge as well. Are there any items that have expired and can be thrown out? Toss them in your garbage bag and say hello to a cleaner, fresher fridge in the process.

Keep lint rollers handy

Your home can build up dust and dander quickly, especially if you have pets! To combat this, keep several lint rollers in convenient places around your home to clean up sofas, blankets and any clothing items that may hold lint or fuzz throughout the week.

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