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3 Organization Containers You Probably Have at Home!

3 Organization Containers You Probably Have at Home!

Finding organization containers to keep your home tidy and in line is a great way to cut down the time you spend cleaning on a weekly basis. Think that you need to run to the store to purchase new organization containers? Think again! Today we’re sharing three organization containers that you likely already have at home, but aren’t using yet.

Use baby food and Mason jars as organization containers.

Believe it or not, baby food and Mason jars can come in handy for organization! Do you have a junk drawer at home? Tidy it up by emptying it and putting all of your spare change into one small, empty baby food jars. Do you have random office supplies like paper clips or thumbtacks rolling around in a drawer? Toss them all into a spare Mason jar and consider them organized.

Use spare baskets to hide clutter.

Sometimes, living room areas can be a catch-all of random items like books, blankets and toys. Round up all of your spare baskets and use these to house books in once place, so that they can be stored on a shelf an look more streamlined and tidy. Your living room will thank you later!

Use extra plastic containers to optimize your pantry.

A disorganized pantry isn’t a productive pantry. Cut down the time that you spend looking for specific ingredients by grouping all of your spices and flavorings into spare plastic containers that you have around the house. For bigger containers, these can be filled with similar dry goods like cereals and crackers for easier access.

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