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3 Fall Cleaning Tasks for Families

3 Fall Cleaning Tasks for Families

With Fall just around the corner, it’s important to make sure that your Palm Beach home is clean and ready for the new season. Whether you decide to do the cleaning yourself or call on a luxury maid service, we’re sharing three Fall cleaning tasks that families can complete together!

Clearing doorways of dried leaves.

When temperatures cool down, dry leaves can make their way onto your front step and back patio. Grab the whole family and plan to tackle the leaves by raking together. It’s a great way to get the work done in half the time!

Dusting off blinds and windows.

A seasonal dusting is a must to keep your household free of allergens and pesky dust mites. Have older members of your family handle dusting taller blinds, and hand off dusting the windowsills to little ones. They will love feeling like they played an important role in your Fall cleaning.

Storing away summer clothing.

If you switch out your wardrobe seasonally, the beginning of Fall is the perfect time for bringing out light sweaters and jeans for cooler temperatures. Set aside a Saturday morning to have your family fold up all of their summer clothes, put them into garment bags and bring out Fall clothing for hanging in the closet. It’s a fun activity and helps get your family excited for a new season!

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