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Tips & Tricks to Keep Your House Cleaning to a Minimum This Summer

Tips & Tricks to Keep Your House Cleaning to a Minimum This Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and for Floridians, that means more sunshine, beaches, and outdoor activities!  Unfortunately, your house cleaning obligations will still be a priority, but that fact doesn’t have to ruin your plans!  Here are a few tips and tricks we’ve put together that will help the whole family maximize summer fun and minimize the weekly to-do list.


While a day at the beach sounds like a great way to spend a summer afternoon, bringing the beach back home with you is an unfortunate aftereffect!  Make your house cleaning easier by keeping a bucket of water and a towel handy near all of the entrances to your home.  Ask that everybody rinse their feet prior to entering. This will keep your floors free from sand all summer long!

Mold & Mildew

For many of us, the Florida sunshine is what we love most about calling Palm Beach County our home, but our weather can also have some adverse effects with the heat and humidity of summer.  With all of the moisture in the air, mold and mildew will run rampant if allowed. Avoid this in bathrooms by opening windows or turning on fans when you are taking a shower. On the exterior of your home, make sure that any concrete or porous surfaces receive enough light to dry out fully after a summer storm.  Taking these simple steps will ensure that house cleaning remains a relatively easy task.


The heat and humidity of South Florida create a perfect environment for many offensive odors to appear.  This is a great time of year to bleach out trash cans (both interior and exterior) to kill off any bacteria that have been hanging around before they get a chance to thrive.  It’s also a good time to move trash bins from garages or other closed-in structures to open-air environments. Odors’ wafting into your home from baking garbage is a surefire way to ruin a perfect summer day.   


Now that the beautiful, cool breezes and chilly evenings that mark a Floridian winter will be replaced, it’s time to get your “winter” clothes back where they belong.  A proper summer house cleaning will include organizing all of your closets and tucking your heavier items away for the next few months. Leave access to one or two light sweaters or cover-ups just in case, but clearing out the majority of your bulkier clothing will have your home feeling decluttered and fresh for summer.


Nobody wants to spend their summer doing an endless cycle of laundry, but with countless trips to the beach and their accompanying outfit changes, the possibility is definitely there!  Instead of spending your days in the laundry room, designate a spot outside where you can hang a line to drape bathing suits and towels to dry and be reused. It will free up lots of time, as well as keep your laundry room from becoming a big mess.  

Hire a House Cleaning Service

What’s the best way to guarantee that your summer is free to enjoy?  Hire a professional to do all the cleaning for you, of course! At Luxury Maids, our goal is to make your life easier by creating a personal maintenance plan directly tailored to your home’s needs.  Our team of trusted, skilled, and reliable residential housekeepers has been offering our best to Palm Beach County since 2007.  Call us today for a free estimate and to see how Luxury Maids can contribute to your summer!